We couldn’t complete this action. Contact us. Learn more [OR-BAIH-10]

We couldn’t complete this action. Contact us. Learn more [OR-BAIH-10]

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We couldn’t complete this action. Contact us. Learn more [OR-BAIH-10]

Thanks for contacting support.
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Chat transcript for case: 9-8572000032908
Jun 27, 11:36 PM (Pacific Time)

11:36:42 PM Mike.V: Mike.V joined the conversation
11:36:46 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: KUNINGAN EU ORG joined the conversation
11:36:46 PM Mike.V: Thanks for contacting the Google Support. My name is Mike V and I will be assisting you today. 
11:37:08 PM Mike.V: Hello Kuningan.
11:37:15 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: please helpm me sir " We couldn’t complete this action. Contact us. Learn more [OR-BAIH-10] "
11:37:15 PM Mike.V: In case you need to refer to this chat interaction in the future, please take a note of the following ID:  9-8572000032908.
11:37:18 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: why?
11:37:47 PM Mike.V: I see that you are unable to add payment method to your account.
11:37:58 PM Mike.V: Thank you for the information.
11:38:00 PM Mike.V: Not to worry, I will look into the details and assist you in the best possible way.
11:38:17 PM Mike.V: Just to confirm, may I know If you are referring to kuni*******@gmail.com the associated account?
11:38:54 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: yES sir 
11:39:00 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: kuningan.eu.org@gmail.com
 its my email adsense
11:39:22 PM Mike.V: Thank you for the confirmation.
11:39:54 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: I'm having a payment account added. I had an error like that
11:40:15 PM Mike.V: Upon checking your account details, I see that you would need to complete account verification in order to use your account as usual. 

11:40:22 PM Mike.V: This is for account security and privacy. 

11:40:56 PM Mike.V: May I know if you are received any email from our team to submit documents for verification?
11:41:37 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: Yes , Its my email adsense kuningan.eu.org@gmail.com

11:42:44 PM Mike.V: May I know when you have submitted the documents for verification?
11:44:28 PM Mike.V: Not to rush you, can I confirm that we are still connected?
11:45:02 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: I've filled with pin
11:45:09 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: I want to add my account to the payment method but there is an error like that [OR-GO-10]
11:45:19 PM Mike.V: I'm glad we are connected.
11:45:29 PM Mike.V: I'm referring to when you submitted the documents for account verification.
11:45:51 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: Can you help with this problem
11:46:14 PM Mike.V: Not to worry, I will help you further to complete this verification.

11:46:34 PM Mike.V: Please use this support link to complete this verification : https://support.google.com/pay/contact/account_verification

11:47:36 PM Mike.V: Please let me know if you need any further assistance.
11:48:08 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: I will fill out this form
11:48:40 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: I hope the [OR-GO-10] error can be resolved
11:49:22 PM Mike.V: As there is high volume the verification may take up to one week, I've seen instances where our specialists reach out to you via email much beforehand.

11:51:02 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: I've already filled out this verification form, but it's been a long time since no incoming email from google adsense has solved the problem.
11:51:32 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: Looks like I'll have to wait again after filling
11:52:15 PM Mike.V: In this case, I will check with my experts and get back to you via email within 24-48 hours.
11:53:15 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: Ok, thanks for the help, I'll get back to you if there's a problem
11:53:32 PM Mike.V: I appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.
11:53:41 PM Mike.V: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
11:54:58 PM KUNINGAN EU ORG: Thank you for the information I will save your ID if there are problems again, again thank you very much for the information
11:55:07 PM Mike.V: It's a pleasure assisting you today!
11:55:10 PM Mike.V: Thank you for contacting  Google support. Have a great day ahead stay safe. 
11:55:14 PM Mike.V: Mike.V left the conversation
11:55:14 PM Mike.V: Thank you for contacting Google Play chat support. Your chat session is now complete.
11:55:15 PM Mike.V: Mike.V ended the conversation

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