10 Best [#Free] Online Unlimited Cloud Storage

10 Best [#Free] Online Unlimited Cloud Storage

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10 Best [#Free] Online Unlimited Cloud Storage

10 Best [#Free] Online Unlimited Cloud Storage : 10 Best Free Online Unlimited Cloud Storage There are two types of online data storage, namely Cloud Storage and File Sharing. Both of them provide a place for those of you who want to store data online and share the file publicly or privately. However there is a slight difference between the two. File Sharing has an expiration period for the data stored in it, so if the data file you save has never been used (downloaded/updated) within a certain time, the file will be deleted by the server. Unlike Cloud Storage, cloud storage does not have an expiration time, so if you save a data file into cloud storage, the data will be stored forever and will not be lost unless it is deleted.

Online Data Storage Site
The following is a list of sites that provide the best online storage services that you can use to store your data so you can access it anytime.

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1 . Google Drive Unlimited Cloud Storage

If you have a Gmail account, then you can register the account on Google Drive and you will get 15 GB of free space. Files that you upload can enter the Google search engine if you choose public access settings. There's no limit to how big the file you want to upload is, so you're free to upload large files like video files. Google Drive supports more than 30 file extension formats including video, image, text, document, archive types. drive.google.com

2 . Dropbox Unlimited Cloud Storage 

Dropbox was introduced to the public in 2008 as the world's first web-based cloud storage service. The drop box gives users a capacity of 2 GB for free, but you can get more by using the referral link. if a user registers from the referral link you shared then you will get an additional 500MB of free space. You can collect referrals up to a maximum of 16GB. The drop box has a limit of 3 months if the account is not activated. www.dropbox.com

3 . One Drive Unlimited Cloud Storage

Microsoft also does not want to be left behind in online data storage services. One Drive provides a capacity of 15GB for free users. And if you are a premium member then you can get a capacity of 1TB. With one drive you can process data files in the form of documents such as word, excel, power point and so on online. onedrive.live.com

4 . Mediafire Unlimited Cloud Storage

Mediafire not only provides a place for those of you who want to store data online. Here you can also listen to music or watch videos or movies that you save on mediafire. You can group each file according to its type into folders to make it easier to organize. Mediafire only provides 200MB of free space. If you want more capacity, then you have to upgrade to pro to get a capacity of up to 4GB or business with 10GB. www.mediafire.com

5 . MEGA Unlimited Cloud Storage

Mega is a cloud storage that distributes storage capacity of up to 50GB for free to each user. Formerly Mega was named Megaupload, but due to piracy problems, the Megaupload site was closed. Kim Dotcom the founder returned to continue his project by replacing it with the name MEGA. Files that you upload to this site will be encrypted so that your privacy is protected. mega.nz

6 . Box Unlimited Cloud Storage

Box is an online data storage site that will give you 5GB of storage for free with a maximum size of 250MB. Apart from being an online data storage place, you can share your files privately or publicly. Also edit document files online. www.box.com

7 . 4shared Unlimited Cloud Storage

4shared may not be foreign to you anymore. Yes, 4shared is a file sharing service that is often used. More than 5 million users and more than 11 million visitors every day with data traffic of 317TB per day make 4shared a popular file sharing site and is included in the ranks of the best. For free users, 4shared provides a storage capacity of 15GB with a time limit of 1 month. That is, if there is no activity on the saved file, then after that time span the file will be deleted. In contrast to pro users, there is no time limit for their files and the capacity is up to 100GB. 4shared.com

8 . Cloud Mail.ru Unlimited Cloud Storage

This cloud storage service is probably the best among other cloud storage services. Because Cloud Mail.ru offers 25 GB of storage for free, aka free! with a file upload/download limit of 2GB. What's unfortunate is that this site is in Russian (with very different letters, just look at the running text marsha and the bear), but you can understand this by using the chrome browser and translating it directly. cloud.mail.ru

9 . Indowebster Unlimited Cloud Storage

This is an online data storage site made by the nation's children. Apart from being a file sharing service, indowebster also provides streaming services, both video, audio, tv and even radio. You can also play online games through this site, both free and paid. There is also a forum where members can discuss. www.indowebster.com

10 . Ziddu Unlimited Cloud Storage

The next online data storage site is Ziddu. Provides unlimited capacity for its users with a maximum file upload of 200 MB per file. Apart from being a free storage provider, Ziddu also pays its users if the files they upload are downloaded by unique visitors. Once downloaded, Ziddu will pay 1 cent / 0.01 dollars. www.ziddu.com

Those were the 10 sites for online data storage service providers. If you want to save your important data on the internet, you should not save it in one place. Sign up for multiple cloud storage services and save to all of those sites. The reason is, many online data storage sites are suddenly closed. Either because of a violation of the law as experienced by megaupload (which is now released again under the name MEGA), or because it went bankrupt like firedrive (putlocker) and also rapidshare.

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