Good vs Bad Blogger

Good vs Bad Blogger

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Good vs Bad Blogger

There are two general types of bloggers. Whoever earns money with the site and the one who does it just for fun and money does not matter. In recent years, I have seen several people spend "just for fun" to the "money matters" type of bloggers. One thing that people have to achieve is that it is not bad to make money with your blog. In fact, if you choose relevant advertising, readers benefit from it.

The current error that people make is that they start to worry more about money than their readers. They focus on selecting the most paid advertisements and do not care if they are in accordance with their blog. Have you ever seen ads with a gardening blog? This type of behavior disappoints your loyal readers and scares new readers.

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Studies show that people assess the credibility of a site in the first 8 seconds. If your blog is covered by advertising, people will think that you are just there to sell them something and will not care to spend time on your site. It is not surprising that mixing advertising with content is such a success. This increases the credibility of your site, readers are more likely to spend more time on your site and when they see an ad - they are more likely to click because they do not think you do it to sell them something. A good idea is to start thinking about your readers like your friends. Do you want to try so hard to sell things to your friends? Probably not.

- have the passion to write on their subject
- Think of the advantages for their readers
- Do not sell their souls and do not just recommend things or place the advertisement they believe is worth it
- have long -term success because they have loyal readers

- have only profits in their minds
- Think about how to make their readers click on announcements or affiliation links
- Recommend everything with a high payment
- have a short -term success because people are returned for a few hundred or because people realize that this blog consists in selling them something

If you approach your subject from a unique angle and your blog offers real advantages to your readers, you will be successful. Not during the night because everywhere else, it also takes time and dedication to building something online. Earning online money is easier than you think and with more and more people online every day an investment in the future.

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