Parents: Warn Your Teens about the Dangers of Using Social Networking Websites

Parents: Warn Your Teens about the Dangers of Using Social Networking Websites

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Parents: Warn Your Teens about the Dangers of Using Social Networking Websites

MR JIM : Parents: Warn your teenagers of the dangers of using social networks web : Are you the parent of a teenager? If this is the case, there is a good chance that you ask yourself questions about their online safety, as you should. Although the Internet has changed for the best, this change has allowed people to access the Internet more easily and pretend to be someone they are, someone you probably want to socialize with your child. For this reason, it is advisable to take the necessary measures to protect your child when it is online, especially when it uses online social networks.

Online social networks websites? What are they? If you are not an internet user yourself, you cannot be completely informed of social networks websites, what they are and their operation. The first step to protect your teenager is to familiarize you with them. Social networks websites are called online communities that aim to connect Internet users between them. Unfortunately, these social networks have become the trampling ground for many online predators and who are they after? Teenagers and chances are that your teenager could be part of it.

With regard to the protection of your child, your first thought may be to prohibit the use of online networking websites. Of course, you can do it if you wish. You are the parent, you can do whatever you want; However, there is really no need to do it. Despite the fact that there is a danger, social networking sites are relatively safe, even for adolescents. However, to be safe and stay safe, your teenager must know what to avoid and who be on the lookout. Essentially, this means that they are the best way to protect your child from online predators is to educate them on the danger that exists. One of the first things you may want to chat with your child is with whom they talk online. Although they may not wish to give you an answer, you must emphasize the importance of knowing who they speak. Since social networks work to connect individuals who do not know each other physically, it may seem impossible, but it can be done. Your child must read fully and try to understand the content of his friend's online profiles. This will allow them to pay attention to incoherent stories or any inaccurate information. Tell your teenager that if they learn that someone is a lie, he must end the conversation immediately.

In addition to who takes your teenager, it is also important to learn what he is talking about. As for whom they are talking, your teenager may not want to give you a direct answer. Even if you cannot get an answer, it is important to let them know what is appropriate and what is not. Make sure they know that it is best to completely avoid people who like to talk about sex, drugs and other illegal activities. Although they may like to have a number of online friends, there are many other people, especially adolescents, who would be more than ready to have pleasant and harmless conversations with them.

Perhaps the most important thing to discuss with your adolescent on social networking sites is to organize physical meetings. Let them know that these meetings are unacceptable. In recent years, many reports have been far from their home in the hope of meeting a new friend, whom they thought they were their age. Unfortunately, many of these online friends prove to be older and, in many cases, sexual predators. In case your teenager wants to meet an online friend and you think they do it with or without your permission, you may want to offer to accompany them. Of course, it is advisable to be cautious and meet in a public place.

By keeping in mind the points mentioned above, your child should always be able to use social media sites, but use it safely. In addition to the security problems mentioned above and precautionary measurements, you can have yours. Whether you do it or not, it is important to keep your child aware of the dangers hiding online, awareness is the key.

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