365 Days (2020) Movie : Abusive Relationship Romance Returns to Screen

365 Days (2020) Movie : Abusive Relationship Romance Returns to Screen

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365 Days (2020) Movie : Abusive Relationship Romance Returns to Screen

365 Days: Abusive Relationship Romance Returns to Screen. Full of misogynistic values, abusive scenes, non-consensual relationships, and oral fixations that no one asked for.

What if the fictional romance stories on Wattpad with questionable consent were made to screen? 365 Days (original title 365 Dni) is indeed adapted from a real novel by Blanka Lipinska, not just a fictional erotic story on the internet, but the results can really be compared with that assumption.

After the Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy ended, there was still a market for an erotically wrapped hate-but-love-but-abusive couple story. It's not too surprising that the film is quickly gaining popularity on Netflix , especially in the midst of a pandemic that is forcing people to reduce physical contact with one another. It seems that everyone is so thirsty for touch that they are willing to watch this headache-inducing film.

Underage audiences are certainly not allowed to watch this film, not only because of the erotic scenes in it, but also because of the unhealthy romantic relationship between the two main characters. Preferably, this film is watched by adults who can already distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationships, and want to see the ridiculousness of erotic stories that are actually ridiculous.

Tells about the kidnapping of Laura, a career woman who is getting fed up with her insensitive lover, by Massimo, a mafia family leader, with the aim of making her fall in love within a year.

In her restraints, Laura is surrounded by boundless luxury and materialistic fulfillment of whatever she asks for. Not only that, Massimo who has a tendency to dominate sexually is also trying to melt Laura's heart through his own way.

It's not hard to compare this film to the film Fifty Shades of Gray (2015), but comparing the two stories feels like playing cockfighting at the North Pole, in other words, what for? It's actually quite difficult to talk about 365 Days, because this film is very clearly visible without needing to talk about its depravity.

Played by Michael Morrone, Massimo is a mafia leader who has a muscular, sturdy build, big height, and tattoos that give him a dangerous aura. But honestly, with such a godlike appearance, why did he go to the trouble of kidnapping the woman of his dreams? For a leader of a rising mafia group and an expert at playing other people's lives through blackmail, he seems quite stupid when it comes to feelings.

But that is precisely the problem, is Massimo's feeling love? Or is it an obsession?

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Massimo first saw Laura from a distance on a beach. Then 5 years later, he finds her at the airport and decides that Laura must be his. It's not only terrible that someone can remember another person after 5 years, but Massimo seems so passionate about Laura's possession.

It may sound cliché, but love doesn't have to be. Just as Lundy Bancroft, a domestic violence consultant, said, the obsession with having someone is an abusive trait in a relationship.

The film 365 Days initially tried to place Laura as an independent woman who no one could have because she was not an object. But as the story progressed and Laura fell more and more in love with Massimo, that stance faded until it just disappeared.

Laura instead belongs to Massimo, under his control who tries to "guard" her from other men, for example, disagreeing when Laura wants to wear a revealing mini dress. Not only that, as long as Laura was in doubt, Massimo had also abused her even though he had previously said not to touch her.

Even more contradictory, Massimo first stated that he would not touch Laura without her consent as his hand touched Laura's breasts and strangled her. As if consent or consent only needs to be given for penetrative sexual acts only. Of course, this picture will be very dangerous and will further perpetuate the rape culture if it makes people think that touching private parts does not require the consent of both parties.

Not only romanticizing abusive relationships and legalizing non-consensual actions, 365 Days is also very misogynistic when looking at the rows of female characters that exist. Laura's character changes from a successful young executive to the future wife of a mafia leader whose only activity is shopping at bourgeois boutiques.

Olga's character, Laura's best friend, is only described as a woman who is thirsty for luxury and a male touch. Anna's character, Massimo's ex, is described as a woman who is obsessed with Massimo to the point of threatening to kill Laura. Then the other female characters are only limited to satisfying Massimo's lust, who for some reason always looks incredibly happy after satisfying him orally.

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For a film that degrades women to mere human beings who live to satisfy men and spend wealth, 365 Days actually has good cinematography under Mateusz Cierlica. It is true that Italy and Warsaw are areas full of beauty, but the cinematographer's way of taking pictures of the surrounding scenery is very effective in adding to the aura of "fairy tales" that Laura is going through.

But unfortunately, that's all that can be said to be good from this film. From the aspect of the director's direction, hot scenes that should be erotic and exciting actually leave more frowns on the audience's forehead. Plus, the film's edits are too messy without consistent pacing.

At the end of all the chaos and ugliness, 365 Days delivers a pretty good message, which is don't hang out with abusive men if you don't want to be wreaked havoc. The end of the film also provides a glimmer of hope for the audience. Hope that there won't be a sequel.

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