Big Mouth Episode 9: Synopsis, When It Airs, Chang Ho Meets Big Mouse!

Big Mouth Episode 9: Synopsis, When It Airs, Chang Ho Meets Big Mouse!

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Big Mouth Episode 9: Synopsis, When It Airs, Chang Ho Meets Big Mouse! : MBC 's Korean drama, Big Mouth airs every Friday and Saturday on Disney+ Hotstar. The following is a synopsis review of Big Mouth episode 9, the broadcast schedule and where the story has come.

Drama  Big Mouth episode 9 will air tonight, Friday (26/8) on the Disney+ Hotstar streaming service at 22.00 WIB.

This 16-episode drama stars Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoon Ah (YoonA), Kim Joo Heon, Ok Ja Yeon, and Yang Kyung Won.

According to IMDB,  Big Mouth is a thriller drama that follows the story of a failed lawyer who gets involved with a murder case, which leads him to be accused of being the master conman, Big Mouse.

Synopsis Big Mouth Episode 9 

The situation heats up when the trial begins, Chang Ho uses all means to confront Ji Hoon who apparently also wants to get professor Seo Jae Young's journal.

Meanwhile, something is bothering Jo Hee and Jerry who are still alive.

While Chang Ho tried to meet in person with Big Mouse.

Big Mouth Review Episode 8 – SPOILERS!
In episode 8, Chang Hoo is locked up in a hospital and gets injections of drugs and torture to make him want to speak the truth.

Ji Hoon and Choi Jong Rak also came to torture Chang Ho, and gave him injections called “honesty serum” to get him to talk about money and gold bars.

As a result of the serum injection and the torture, Chang Ho had several hallucinations and dreams.

When they were about to get another serum shot, Chang Ho told them a location on Gudal Mountain.

Ji Hoon goes to Gudal Mountain, when they dig, they find only one gold bar.

Then we see the real Big Mouse who locks the money and gold bars tightly in one place.

When Ji Hoon returns to see Chang Ho, he realizes that he is telling the truth, and wonders if Big Mouse is watching him right now.

After that, Han Jae Ho also got bail and immediately got out of prison.

Elsewhere, Mi Ho gets a call from Do Ha about Jang Hye Jin's condition.

Even though Do Ha was able to secure the necklace that Hye Jin was going to throw away, it turned out that Professor Seo's journal wasn't in it.

Mi Ho finally arrives and tries to persuade Hye Jin to calm down. Then Mi Ho promises to help her out of trouble, but Hye Jin still feels that no one can help her.

Meanwhile, Do Ha had to leave immediately after receiving news that Elder suddenly fainted.

Jo Hee has prepared the situation for Do Ha to get the attention of the Elder. When he entered the room, Do Ha wanted to strangle Elder's neck, but refused to do so.

Meanwhile at the hospital, a man came to wreak havoc by setting fire to the building, and beating up the guards. It turned out that the man was Jerry.

After successfully escaping from prison, Jerry asks Chang Ho to escape in another car, so that the people who kidnapped him catch up to Jerry's car.

Jerry had told Chang Ho that he did all this because he got paid from Big Mouse. He promises to explain everything to Chang Ho when they meet again.

Chang Ho made it through the police barricades without a hitch. However, when he was about to meet Mi Ho he saw Jerry's bloodied body being carried on a stretcher.

Mi Ho finally finds out about Chang Ho's escape from the television news show. The people in the prison also know and admire his bravery, while the three VIP prisoners are terrified, especially Jae Ho.

Chang Ho wonders why he always escapes unnoticed from inspection at several police barricades.

Then, Chang Ho got a message with the address, he was sure he would meet Big Mouse soon. He arrived at the W hotel and got a change of clothes already available in the hotel room.

Even though Chang Ho followed the directions, he didn't want to die silly being manipulated by Big Mouse, like Jerry.

Mi Ho then looks for ideas to communicate with Chang Ho.

Finally Mi Ho, his father, and lawyer Kim Soon Tae protest in front of the prosecutor's office over Chang Ho's disappearance. This way they hope that Chang Ho knows where he is, and the police won't suspect anything because the demonstration is well-founded.

Go Ki Kwang and Soon Tae also try to annoy Jong Rak by following him everywhere to ask him to look for Chang Ho.

Through a number in the insurance advertisement, Mi Ho was finally able to communicate directly with Chang Ho.

Chang Ho asked his wife not to worry anymore. When Mi Ho informs that Hye Jin agreed to help them, Chang Ho asks for her number.

After that, Hye Jin calls Ji Hoon to tell him that he will give Professor Seo's journal on the condition that Jae Ho has to sign the divorce papers he submitted.

If the request is not fulfilled, Hye Jin will give the journal to Big Mouse. After the phone was hung up, Hye Jin was seen with Chang Ho.

However, Jae Ho refuses to sign the divorce papers.

As the trial draws near, Ji Hoon's relationship with Cha Bong, Doo Geun, and Jae Ho grows further and further.

Meanwhile Soon Tae goes to meet the producer of a podcast who plans to reveal the death of professor Seo Jae Yong.

When the trial started, Mi Ho also followed suit. The podcast exposing professor Seo's death has also started airing.

Chang Ho was present on the podcast, after introducing himself, he asked if he should give a prediction of what will happen in the ongoing trial process.

More curious about the continuation of the story? Watch Big Mouth episode 9, tonight on Disney+ Hotstar streaming service at 22.00 WIB!

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