Building a Music Stage in the Digital World

Building a Music Stage in the Digital World

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Building a Music Stage in the Digital World : Musicians are able to reap huge profits of up to billions of rupiah from uploading music content to social media and global music platforms. They also have thousands of fans across the country.

Advances in information technology have made it easier for humans to interact. On the other hand, this progress has also encouraged musicians in the country to be more active in being creative in the digital realm. Weird Genius, Alffy Rev, and Angga Candra. Then there are Nabila Taqqiyah, Tenggo and the Puppet Troops, Shine of Black, Putry Pasanea, and Denny Caknan are some of the musicians in the country who were raised thanks to advances in digital technology.

You don't have to go to a cafe to listen to them. Because, the development of digital technology has made it easier for us to enjoy their music through various digital music platforms . Like Spotify, JOOX, SoundCloud, Apple Music, or Youtube Music via smartphones , tablets, or laptops from anywhere as long as there is internet.

Building a Music Stage in the Digital World

Weird Genius and Alffy Rev, for example, succeeded in using the digital world to introduce their musical works in the electronic dance music (EDM) genre. Through Lathi, Weird Genius and Sara Fajira succeeded in gaining global popularity. Weird Genius is a music group consisting of Reza Oktovian, Eka Gustiwana, and Gerald Liu who are able to penetrate the world's popularity

More than 100 million Lathi streams have been enjoyed by their fans all over the world. On the digital music platform Spotify, for example, the song, which is filled with the sounds of the Javanese gending instrument, has reached more than 50 million downloads.

On the Youtube platform , Lathi has been viewed 123 million times. Their names have also been perched in the top 50 musicians with the longest duration played on Spotify, which is more than six weeks in the range of March to May 2020.

The same thing happened to Alffy Rev, the stage name of Awwalur Rizqi Al-Firori, a 26-year-old man born in Mojokerto, East Java. He experimented a lot with traditional musical instruments mixed with electronic music.

Alffy re-arranges ( cover versions ) of folk or national songs or his own creations, of course in electronic music nuances. Listen to "Wonderland Indonesia" which has been viewed 33 million times on Youtube. Or "Spirit of Papua" which has been viewed almost 8 million times.

There is also Nabila Taqqiyah, and Tenggo with the Puppet Squad who use Ome TV social media to introduce their music to fans around the world digitally. Both of them have excellent singing skills and always greet anyone they meet on Ome TV and invite their new friends on social media to sing along.

Nabila in every action always duets with her uncle using an acoustic guitar or violin. Meanwhile, Tenggo, the stage name of Panji Wicaksono, has been working as a ventrilouist for five years and uses puppets as a diversion medium.

He is not alone, because he is accompanied by his puppet troops consisting of Jojo, Rendi, and Oncu. Like Nabila Taqqiyah, Tenggo also uploads funny videos with the Puppet Troops to Youtube and an average of 500 thousand to 2 million views. Both of them also managed to collect more than 500 thousand subscribers in just less than two years.

Then there are former street artists like Angga Candra who have tasted the pleasures of working in the digital world. He and his favorite guitar until 2017 were still singing in and out of food stalls and dense settlements in Depok City. The man who was born in Kepahiang, Bengkulu since 2013 has been acquainted with social media, but he only started working on it seriously in 2019. He is known for his prank false style , or singing songs with various gimmicks , such as pretending to have the wrong lyrics or pretending to sing songs with a voice. hoarse.

The Social Blade platform noted that as many as 603 videos he had uploaded to Youtube and were watched more than 1 billion times. According to Social Blade as of Wednesday (9/3/2022), Angga is estimated to earn between USD 29 thousand and USD 463.7 thousand per year or around IDR 414.7 million to IDR 6.63 billion per year. His monthly income is now predicted to be between USD2,400--USD38,600 (Rp34.32 million--Rp551.98 million).

Region Joins Success

The same thing also happened to the artists who sang local language songs. Like the hip-hop music group from Papua Shine of Black who triumphed through Jang Ganggu which has been watched more than 74 million times on Youtube. Or a singer from Ambon, Javrendzia Eka Putry Pasanea. The owner of the stage name Putry Pasanea is also successful on Youtube. Putry 's hip-hop songs with cheerful beats such as Kaka Main Salah have been viewed more than 14 million times, then Kasih Slow (24 million times) and Kaka Enda (1.2 million times) on Youtube. 

In East Java, the name Deni Setiawan or better known as Denny Caknan appeared. The former freelance daily employee of the Ngawi Regency Government's Environmental Service has succeeded as a singer who is famous on Youtube thanks to Javanese pop songs and koplo. Kartonyono's single Medot Janji has been viewed up to 236.8 million times or Los Dol has been viewed 136 million times.

Although he has only uploaded 90 video content and has 4.73 million subscribers on Youtube, according to Social Blade, the upload of the singer born on December 10, 1993 has been viewed 1.3 billion times. He is predicted to have an annual income of between USD98.9 thousand to USD1.6 million (Rp1.41 billion-Rp22.8 billion). His monthly income is estimated at USD8,200--USD131,900 (Rp117.2 million--Rp1.88 billion).

Reach Expansion

Weird Genius to Denny Caknan are only a few smart musicians in the country who are able to very well take advantage of advances in digital technology to market their best works. There are still tens or maybe hundreds of similar musicians in the archipelago who suffer the same fate and have made the digital world a new stage.

Musician, songwriter, and member of the Govinda band, Ade Nurulianto, said that musicians need to know the best way to channel their work to earn income. Including what kind of music is loved by the current market as well as the target audience of their work.

"The success of a musician is not solely judged by the number of songs they release. But how they can ensure that existing songs can continue to reach and be heard by new listeners, at least for the next 1-2 years," said Ade as reported by Antara from music webinar "Build Your Musical Career in the Digital Age" in Jakarta, Thursday (27/1/2022).

Meanwhile, music observer Otti Jamalus said that the presence of streaming music platforms and social media has changed the interaction between musicians and their fans. The digital era also makes it easier for them to introduce themselves and promote their works and expand the reach of their fan base.

No wonder the Chairman of the Federation of Indonesian Musicians Union, Candra Darusman said that digital streams have taken on the role of 97 percent of the niche music industry in the country and only 3 percent is left for physical music sales in the form of cassettes and discs (CD). The digital world seems to have changed everything, enabling musicians to go beyond the equatorial archipelago and win the hearts of many fans around the world through their style and way of presenting music.

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