Netflix Confirms "Stranger Things" Spin-Off Series

Netflix Confirms "Stranger Things" Spin-Off Series

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Netflix Confirms "Stranger Things" Spin-Off Series : Netflix has good news for fans of the “Upside Down” world as the “Stranger Things” story will be further explored in the form of new spin-off series and plays. The spin-off series will continue to take the story from the original idea of the Duffer Brothers as the creators of the "Stranger Things" series.

"Stranger Things" itself, is a fictional horror series that tells about a group of teenagers in "Hawkins" the fictional city of the United States (US) who face monsters from another dimension, this is one of the most watched series.

As reported by Antara, Thursday (7/7/2022) , a new show about the world and mythology of "Stranger Things" is also being made, and will be directed by Stephen Daldry.

Those projects, included in the Duffer Brothers deal with Netflix, wanted to create stories that inspired them growing up, a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

“Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer are talented people with sharp and clear vision. It's no coincidence that 'Stranger Things' has become part of today's pop culture phenomenon," said Ted Sarandos, Netflix's content boss.

For information, in its fourth season, "Stranger Things" managed to occupy the first position on the list of English-language series streaming platforms, which were judged based on the total duration of views within 28 days from its release.

This series has been watched for more than 1.15 billion hours and is expected to continue to increase because the latest episode has been released, last Friday (1/6/2022). The only series that managed to surpass that record was the South Korean series "Squid Game".

“The series will end in season five, and there will be many other interesting stories that are fun to tell in the world of 'Stranger Things,' said Matt and Ross Duffer. (ant/dec/bil/ipg)

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