Netflix provides external “Sign Up” option in iOS app

Netflix provides external “Sign Up” option in iOS app

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Netflix provides external “Sign Up” option in iOS app : Netflix is reportedly providing a new option for owners of its applications that use the iOS operating system, such as iPhone and iPad users.
Citing The Verge, Monday, since 2018 Netflix has actually never provided an external registration link on the iOS service.

Users who will use Netflix previously must register independently in order to later be able to access the service on Apple devices.

The reason is simple, because Netflix seems to comply with Apple regulations.

The rules include the application billing system will be charged a 30 percent commission for Apple, as well as prohibiting application developers to provide navigation to external registration pages.

However, with the ease of the system for application developers, now services such as Netflix can provide navigation for users to register directly on their official website.

One of the drawbacks of this system is that users of Apple devices will not be able to track transactions made using any payment system nor can they record when the payment was made.

Apple users who have recently downloaded or received the Netflix app update will be able to choose the option to join Netflix.

That option will later be followed by a warning message that the user is “will leave the app” and open an external website.

The message also warns that transactions on that external website page will not be affiliated with Apple.

Apple is not responsible for the privacy or security of transactions made with the developer concerned.

If you agree to these conditions, then you will then be directed to the account registration page on the Netflix website to select a subscription plan and enter payment information.

Apple is now starting to relax its policies for app developers, but they still have high standards.

For example, when navigating, app developers are prohibited from showing subscription prices in their apps on iOS.

In recent years, Apple has increasingly faced strong criticism for allegedly monopolizing the system because application developers seem to be forced to use the subscription billing system from Apple's App Store.

Some countries that oppose the system include South Korea and the Netherlands.

Apple seems to be softening and making many adjustments because of the law from the European Union, namely the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Under these regulations, operating system makers such as Apple must allow and provide third-party payment models for customers.

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