Netflix will not include ads on children's programs

Netflix will not include ads on children's programs

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Netflix will not include ads on children's programs : Netflix's new ad-supported subscription package may not include ads on all of its content. To Bloomberg, Netflix said it had notified its partners that the original children's programming and film would remain ad-free.

The move is an attempt by Netflix to deal with customers who are starting to switch to other streaming services .

Some parents may have switched because the subscription fee on the platform is expensive. So a cheaper ad-supported plan will help them save money, while still providing an ad-free streaming experience for their kids.

Advertising and children's programming is not considered a good combination and some people consider it partly exploitative. Organizations such as the American Psychological Association have called for tougher restrictions on advertising to children.

Regarding subscription packages with advertising support, Netflix targets to launch the package in 2023. Unfortunately, not all content can be presented on the subscription package.

Netflix has confirmed it is negotiating deals to get certain programs onto the plan.

In partnership with Microsoft, technology and sales for advertising are all handled by third parties so some decisions may be outside of Netflix's control. For example, the decision regarding a plan with ads that will block offline downloads .

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