Prey Review: Predators vs Tribal Women

Prey Review: Predators vs Tribal Women

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Prey Review: Predators vs Tribal Women. The latest content from the 'Predator' franchise that should be released in theaters.

“Prey” is the fifth film in the 'Predator' franchise as well as a prequel . This time directed and written by Dan Trachtenberg with Patrick Aison, we will see fresh new material from this alien human hunter franchise . Very different from the previous four films which are set in modern human civilization. Where Predators fight soldiers or military institutions with sophisticated weaponry.

Set 300 years ago, Naru (Amber Midthunder) is a young woman from an indigenous tribe (Comanche) who is trained as a healer, but has ambitions to become a hunter like her brother, Taabe (Dakota Beavers).

Being the only person who is aware of the presence of alien creatures in his forest, Naru is determined to hunt alone while proving himself to those who have underestimated his abilities.

Alien Technology Sides With Traditional Tribal

Greeted with a natural panorama that is still natural and indigenous civilizations with a distinctive appearance to be a fresh spectacle . Not only in the 'Predator' franchise but the film genre as a whole lately (which is more dominated by superheroes and modern action).

One of the charms of the "Prey" script is the contrast in Predator's appearance with advanced alien technology, side by side with a group of tribal people with only axes, arrows and spears. The concept is then realized with a maximum production design and looks expensive. The quality greatly surpasses the previous 'Predator' films.

Watching “Prey” feels like watching a hybrid HP Lovecraft nuanced film that is original, unique, and we've never seen before. Not slipping 'Predator' in the title also makes this film significant from this franchise .

“Prey” becomes the main essence that is common in this film and is flexible to develop. It can be interpreted humans on Earth as 'prey', or just the opposite. The figurative 'hunt or be hunted' becomes a strong message in the “Prey” scenario. It's interesting how the title and the essence of the scenario are very simple and general, but they can be used as a vehicle for hunting by every character in it.

Not spared from the gap, "Prey" also has some gaps in the story. There are some timelines that feel lost. As well as the characterization of Naru who was too underrated in the first half. No wonder Naru was nicknamed 'mary sue' in the trending “Prey” social media. However, these shortcomings are covered by more positive points.

Champion Cinematography and Audio Quality and Cool Predator Design

Another one of the most winning qualities of "Prey" is its production design. Starting from makeup, costumes, to choosing a location on a natural site. Start at Stoney Nakoda Nation near Calgary in Alberta, Canada. And several other secluded natural locations around Calgary including Moose Mountain and Elbow River.

Starting from the opening to the entire film, we will be spoiled with beautiful and captivating natural panoramas, especially at every wide angle frame . Every action scene is also executed with camera direction that captures every dynamic movement.

This film also excels in terms of audio. Starting from the composition of the background music, mixing, to the distinctive sound design of the Predator. The background music in "Prey" becomes a supporting element that greatly influences the feel of the suspense and embodies the Predator's appearance as an alien hunter who intimidates his prey.

The Predator design in “Prey” is also one of the best in the franchise . Even with his extraterrestrial appearance, he can still visually blend into a film set in the tribal era.

The Best Predator Franchise That Unfortunately Doesn't Show in Cinemas

2018's The Predator was the last film in the alien monster franchise to hit theaters. In fact, “Prey” has a very big potential as a cinema release compared to the four previous 'Predator' films. Mainly because the production design is maximal and has a significant difference in theme from other 'Predator' films.

It's a shame that "Prey" only ended up as a Hulu Original, which we can now watch on Disney+ Hotstar as well. If you can stream it on a television screen, "Prey" is one of the films worth watching on the big screen.

In fact, this year's cinema has started to be active and profitable. Deciding that this prequel franchise is simply titled “Prey” fits the script concept perfectly, but isn't commercial enough.

It shouldn't be a problem as long as it's promoted properly. The cinema business has also changed since the pandemic. Where originality and new content are gambling for production houses. 20th Century Studios should have had more confidence in “Prey”. Every film crew and actor involved in this project deserves more appreciation on the big screen.

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