Whiplash (2014 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

Whiplash (2014 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

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Whiplash (2014 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW : Whiplash Review: A Jazz Drummer's Dream That Turned into an Obsession. Andrew struggles to conquer his musical passion and exceed his coach's expectations.

“Whiplash” (2014) is a drama film wrapped in jazz music which became Damien Chazelle's debut film. This film is also a strong candidate competing with “Birdman”, which eventually came out as Best Picture at the 2015 Academy Award. Even though “La La Land” is Chazelle's more popular film, “Whiplash” actually meets the criteria as the best film by a young director. this.

Whiplash (2014 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

Unlike “La La Land” as a musical film with a musical execution, “Whiplash” is a musical film about dreams and obsessions. It stars Miles Teller as Andrew, a young jazz drummer looking to build a career with his talents. He admires the figure of Terence Fletcher (JK Simmons), a jazz band conductor with a prestigious reputation. Recruited to play as the lead drummer in Fletcher's band, Andrew thought his talent had finally been seen. In fact, Andrew never had enough for Fletcher every time he beat his drum.

The Story of Andrew Drowning in Obsession and Passion as a Musician

Not an inspiring musician struggle drama, this film takes a darker perspective. Similar to drama films such as “Black Swan” (2010) and “Perfect Blue” (1997). Explores the psychic state of the protagonist who has a passion as an artist. However, the script presented is more realistic, without visual tricks as a metaphor. Just like a ballet dancer immersed in the character he plays, or a former idol experiencing paranoia, Andrew is lost in a dream that transitions to ambition.

Like the technical and artistic beats of jazz drums, the script of “Whiplash” has a luxurious feel to it with all the psychological chaos of its protagonist. The film perfectly captures the passion of a musician who loves what they do. Andrew's characterization succeeded in convincing the audience that he has a big obsession with jazz music, especially as a drummer. Not only love and dream, we can see how desire can sometimes transform into a blind obsession.

Hate-Amazing Relationship Between Drummer and Coach

One of the main attractions of “Whiplash” is the chemistry between Andrew as the drummer and Terence Fletcher, the conductor and coach. Not only in the world of sports, coaches in the music scene can also be loud and pressure their students to show their best. In the first half of the script, Andrew appears naive with admiration for Fletcher. Until finally he joined Fletcher's band and accepted an unusual training method.

The interaction between Andrew and Fletcher is one of the best as an iconic duo in modern film. It looks unhealthy and even toxic , but the two seem to agree to be trapped in the situation. With the same goal; Andrew wanted to be the greatest jazz drummer and this Fletcher drained his student's greatest potential to the last drop of blood.

The perfect chemistry presentation between Andrew and Fletcher cannot be separated from the quality of the acting of the two actors involved. JK Simmons became the most appropriate choice of actor to play Fletcher who left an impression on the audience.

Jazz Music Performance that Impresses the Audience

For fans of jazz music, guaranteed “Whiplash” will entertain both audio and visual. Many scenes of drum solos, rehearsals, and jazz orchestra stage performances in this film are stunning. Impress those of us who are never familiar with jazz music and give more appreciation to the jazz drummers out there.

The music for “Whiplash” was composed by Damien Chazelle's loyal partner, Justin Hurwitz. He also composed the music for "La La Land". Like the musical, starring Emma Stone, which has a more pop flavor, “Whiplash” has become a more indie and exclusive jazz offering. Both in terms of music and script as a whole.

Actor Miles Teller also actually plays drums in this film. Although not recorded live, Teller went through the process of recording a drum solo which was later dubbed for his performance. That's why his performance looks authentic, coupled with the deepening of his character as a drummer who is immersed in his own obsession.

For those who like musical drama films (non-musical), “Whiplash” can be an entertaining spectacle. Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression even after the film credits are played. “Whiplash” can be streamed on Netflix.

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