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SYNOPSIS : Alana didn't understand why she was always consumed by anger. But he always tried to fight it. He was born during a volcanic eruption that separated him and his parents. He is then adopted by a rich woman who tries to help him live a normal life. But as an adult, Alana discovers the truth about her origins. He's not an ordinary human. He can be good for life. Or become a ruin if he can not control his anger.

Sri Asih 135 Minutes : Link to Watch Sri Asih 2022 Full Movie Similar to Lk21 Bioskopkeren Layarkaca21, Synopsis and Showtimes
Adapted from the classic Indonesian comic by RA Kosasih, 'Sri Asih' will feature Pevita Pearce as the main character. Read more information here.

Link to Watch Film Sri Asih 2022 Full Movie Similar to Lk21 Bioskopkeren Layarkaca21, Synopsis and Showtimes – Sri Asih should be on the list of the most awaited Indonesian superhero films this year.

Sri Asih was originally scheduled to be released on October 6 2022, but due to various considerations, the screening of Sri Asih was finally postponed to next November.

For those of you who can't wait to see this Indonesian superhero film , let's take a look at the synopsis and the latest show schedule first.

The following is the synopsis and show schedule for Sri Asih's film
The Sri Asih film is an adaptation of the comic with the same title, Sri Asih, by the Indonesian comic legend, RA Kosasih.

Widely discussed by netizens, Sri Asih became the second Indonesian superhero film from the Bumi Langit Cinema Universe after Gundala which was released in 2019.

After the success of its first superhero, Jagat Sinema Bumi Langit has announced that it will create a universe for Indonesian superheroes from classic Indonesian comics.

After creating the superhero 'Gundala', now 'Sri Asih' is the next superhero.
Directed by Upi Avianto and written with Joko Anwar, Sri Asih will feature Pevita Pearce as the main character.

This film also stars other talented Indonesian actors such as Reza Rahadian, Jefri Nichol, Christine Hakim, Dimas Anggara, Surya Saputra, and others.

Synopsis of Sri Asih

Sri Asih will tell the story of a girl named Alana (played by Pevita Pearce) who was born when the volcano erupted.
Born during a disaster, Alana had to live separately from her parents.
Alana grows up to become the adopted daughter of a rich woman named Sarita Hamzah (played by Jenny Zhang).
As she grows older, Alana begins to become sensitive and discovers the truth about her true identity.

Alana realizes that she is not an ordinary human being, she has powers that can make her a good for life or destruction if she cannot control her anger and strength.

Alana begins to realize her powers when the hospital where her adoptive mother is being treated catches fire.
This infuriated Alana immensely. He also felt that he could not fully control the rising power.
Until finally, Alana meets Mariani (played by Christine Hakim) who finally tells Alana that she is the incarnation of Sri Asih.

After transforming into Sri Asih, Alana begins to use her powers against her enemies.

Sri Asih will be a film that tells how Alana became Sri Asih.

As well as, answering all the questions that Alana has been asking so far, to struggling to expel the evil energy that exists in the world.

List of actors in Sri Asih

In the official trailer, you can see many well-known Indonesian actors and actresses taking part in the film Sri Asih.

The following is a list of the Sri Asih film cast which will be released in November 2022:

1. Pevita Pearce as Alana (Sri Asih)

In the Gundala film which was released in 2019, Pevita Pearce has appeared playing the role of Sri Asih and became one of the important figures in the mission to defeat Pengkor.

Now, he has his own stage to appear as the main character in the film titled Sri Asih .

Pevita Pearce in this film will play Alana, a woman who is the incarnation of Dewi Asih.

Before Alana, it was known that there were several women who had been Sri Asih, namely Nani Wijaya and Rengganis.

2. Surya Saputra plays Prayogo

If in the film Gundala (2019), we know Pengkor, played by Bront Parlae as the main evil character, then in the Sri Asih film the evil character will be played by Surya Saputra.

Surya Saputra in this film will play a wealthy businessman named Prayogo who feels poverty is increasingly threatening his comfort in life.

He has a mission to kill Sri Asih for blocking her evil intentions.

3. Jefri Nichol plays Tough

Jefri Nichol also took part in the film Sri Asih. The Bumi Langit Cinema Universe hooked Jefri to fill the role of a young journalist named Tangguh who is currently undergoing an investigation.

If you reflect on the comics, the character Tangguh is the figure behind the superhero known as Sembrani.
However, it is still a question whether Tangguh will later appear as the superhero Sembrani or not.

4. Christine Hakim as Mariani

Not only surrounded by well-known young stars, Sri Asih also hooked senior actor Christine Hakim.

In the Sri Asih film, Christine Hakim will play the role of Grandmother Mariani, who is known as the person who looks after the descendants of Dewi Asih and is also the leader of the Jaga Bumi group.

Grandmother Mariani is the one who will ordain Alana as the next figure of Sri Asih.

Although Mariani's name is not in the comics, back in 1954 there was a film about superhumans with the title Sri Asih in which the actress who played the character of Sri Asih was an actress named Mimi Mariani.

It seems that the director wants to pay tribute to Mimi Mariani by using her name in this film.

5. Revaldo plays Jagau

As a wealthy businessman, of course Prayogo has many trusted people.

One of them is Jagau, where the figure of Jagau is a person who is trusted by Prayogo to solve all his problems.

As the mafia's right-hand man, Jagau is described as a ruthless figure. Even so, maybe his fate will end badly when faced with Sri Asih.

6. Ario Bayu as Ghazul

In the film Gundala (2019), we have been introduced to the character Ghazul, the evil figure who resurrects Ki Wilawuk.

In the film Sri Asih, Ghazul appears again and looks like he is in a coalition with Prayogo.

Although it seems that Ghazul's portion in this film is not too much, it's just that his figure is also important enough to knit the story of the films that exist in this Bumi Langit universe. The character of Ghazul will be brought back by Ario Bayu.

7. Dimas Anggara as Kala

In the Sri Asih film, Eyang Mariani is told to have a son named Kala who also takes part in this film.

Dimas Anggara will play the figure of Kala where it is not known for sure whether Kala will also have super powers or not.

Even so, it seems that Kala will also be an important character to channel the story in the film Sri Asih.

8. Randy Pangalila plays Mateo

Mateo is the only child of Prayogo and will be played by actor Randy Pangalila.

In the official trailer for the Sri Asih film, you have been shown a scene where Mateo has a kick-boxing match with Alana.

Mateo is Prayogo's sole heir, so it seems that Mateo's character will have a large portion in Sri Asih's film.

9. Jenny Zhang as Sarita Hamzah

As we know, Alana grew up and was raised by adoptive parents who adopted her from an orphanage. The figure of this adoptive parent is Sarita Hamzah.

Played by Jenny Zhang, Sarita has her own wrestling arena. It was in this arena that Sarita trained and made Alana a strong woman.

Sarita is also the one who teaches Alana to defend herself and control her emotions which have always been her biggest enemy so far.

10. Faradina Mufti as Renjana

Even though he did not start his career in the world of acting, Faradina Mufti's acting has been proven through the films Perempuan Tanah Jahanam, Guru-Guru Gokil and Love For Sale.

Now in the Sri Asih film, Faradina is trusted to play Renjana's character.

The figure of Renjana will later assist Tangguh in uncovering cases that occurred in the flats.

This Renjana character is in the Maza comic, this means you can see the figure of Faradina Mufti in another Bumi Langit superhero film.

It does not demand the possibility that later this character will be made into a solo film.

11. Reza Rahardian plays Jatmiko

Famous Indonesian actor Reza Rahardian will also play a role in the film Sri Asih.

In this film, Reza will play the character Jatmiko. Where Jatmiko is a policeman who handles cases in this film.

It seems that Jatmiko's character will be on Sri Asih's side and it is also possible that his character will be made to look like James Gordon in the Batman films .

12. Fadly Faisal plays the role of Gilang

Fadly Faisal will play the character Gilang in the film Sri Asih. Where Gilang is Alana's close friend in the free fighting arena.

Gilang will also be someone who helps Alana in some difficult situations.

Sri Asih Film Show Schedule
Previously, the Sri Asih film was scheduled to be screened in all Indonesian cinemas on October 6, 2022.

However, the director Upi Avianto announced that the screening of Sri Asih was postponed to November 17, 2022.

The decision to postpone the screening schedule was decided and approved by the entire production team working on Sri Asih's film.

According to the director, there are still some parts of Sri Asih's film that still need to be improved. He also did not want to release a film with rudimentary conditions.

As a director, Upi apologized to the Indonesian people who had been waiting for the Sri Asih film to be released in theaters for a long time.

He added that he did not want to disappoint the audience if Sri Asih aired on October 6, 2022 because the results would not be optimal.

For this reason, the Sri Asih film will finally be shown in Indonesian cinemas starting November 17, 2022.

So, that's the latest information about the synopsis and show schedule for the film Sri Asih that Mamikos can share with you.

Directed by Upi Avianto and written with Joko Anwar, Sri Asih will feature Pevita Pearce as the main character.

Kind of movieAction, Sci-Fi
ProducerBismarka Kurniawan, Wicky V. Olindo, Joko Anwar
WriterUpi, Joko Anwar
ProductionScreenplay Bumilangit
CastsPevita Pearce, Reza Rahadian, Christine Hakim, Jefri Nichol, Dimas Anggara, Surya Saputra, Jenny Zhang, Randy Pangalila

' Sri Asih ' will be played by top stars such as Pevita Pearce, Jefri Nichol, Christine Hakim, Reza Rahadian, Dimas Anggara, Surya Saputra, Randy Pangalila, Jenny Zhang, Dimas Anggara, Revaldo, Faradina Mufti, Fadly Faisal and Messi Gusti.3 days ago

Release date : 17 November 2022 ( Indonesia )

Director : Oops
Producers : Joko Anwar , Bismarka Kurniawan , Wicky V. Olindo
Screenplay : Upi , Joko Anwar
Production company : Screenplay Bumilangit , Legacy Pictures

Official Trailer Youtube Channel Screenplay BumiLangit

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