Video Kasir Minimarket Kendari Link [Full] 2 Menit 27 Detik [#Viral] Trending!

Video Kasir Minimarket Kendari Link [Full] 2 Menit 27 Detik [#Viral] Trending!

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Video Kasir Minimarket Kendari Link [Full] 2 Menit 27 Detik [#Viral] Trending!

PORTALTRENDING - A viral video recording an indecent scene of a pair of man and woman suspected of being a minimarket cashier in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi has shocked residents in the capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province. 

Video Kasir Minimarket Kendari [Link] Full  2 Menit 27 Detik ➤➤ HERE

The 2 minute 27 second video has become a topic of conversation on various social media, especially on the WhatsApp Messenger application since Monday 8 May 2023.

After the news that the video had gone viral, many netizens were looking for links that showed the scenes of the man and woman. 
In the video narrative that is spread, the female figure in the scene is said to be a private employee in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi.
The scene that looks like a husband and wife is allegedly done by the couple with his ex-girlfriend. 
The viral video records an indecent scene of a pair of men and women in a room with greenish painted walls and ceiling. 

And it is clear that the couple is not wearing a single piece of clothing.
The woman involved in the scene has fair skin and long hair, while the man has hair that is parted down the middle and a thin mustache above his lips. 

In the video, it can be seen that the woman is sitting on top of the man, while the man is sitting or stretching out on the bed.

As the video circulated, netizens also looked for the video link and shared it on various social media platforms such as WhatsApp Messenger. 

The video immediately became viral and shocked the residents of Kendari City and the people of Southeast Sulawesi.

The police did not remain silent and immediately conducted an investigation.
Kendari Police Chief, Kombes Pol Muhammad Eka Faturrahman said that his party would immediately conduct an investigation into the case.
He also acknowledged that the police had received information about the video and were currently trying to identify the actor.

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