After Yang: Science Fiction Tells About What It Means To Be Human

After Yang: Science Fiction Tells About What It Means To Be Human

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Korean-American screenwriter and director, Kogonada made an adaptation of Alexander Weinstein's short story entitled "Saying Goodbye to Yang". The film is produced by Theresa Park and produced by independent American entertainment companies A24, Cinereach, and Per Capita Production.

The film, which was later titled “After Yang” (2022), tells the story of a techno sapien (a humanoid) who has been considered like family by his owner, and what effects are left after he can no longer function as before.

The film, starring Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Justin H.Min, Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, Ritchie Choudhury, Haley Lu Richardson, and Debora Hedwall has managed to become a Box Office with revenues of more than 46 thousand US dollars since its premiere on March 4 2022.

Digging and Diving into “Yang” Memories

The film “After Yang” begins with a scene where a small family participates in a dance competition in a more modern era. Jake (Colin Farrell) and Kyra (Jodie Turner-Smith) and their child, Mika (Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja) live accompanied by a humanoid named Yang (Justin H.Min), a future robot who has the ability to protect, make friends, and respond to human feelings. .

The story of “After Yang” opens with the closure of Yang's existence due to a malfunction. Mika, Jake and Kyra's only child who is accompanied by Yang every day, begins to feel lonely. Jake then investigates the damage to Yang's body and hopes to restore Yang's function as before.

In the middle of the process of restoring Yang's condition. Jake finds a great memory that Yang has kept, with the help of someone Jake can finally witness what Yang's previous life was like, what feelings a humanoid can bring, and Yang's bond with a girl named Ada (Haley Lu Richardson).

Because Yang's condition cannot recover, Jake and Kyra's family life begins to change. This is like explaining that Yang's existence is not only like a robot guard, but rather a philosophical relationship, even the three of them cannot live well without Yang.

Delivering Expressive Production Design

Most of the shooting of "After Yang" was in the scope of Jake and Kyra's family house, a house with a design that combines modernity and natural elements as a portrait that in the future, technological advances must always be balanced with the preservation of natural resources, there are many plants that decorate the house with a layer of glass as the walls.

The production of “After Yang” also seems careful and mature in terms of the supporting music accompaniment and the chosen soundtrack. Aska Matsumiya and Ryuichi Sakamoto were able to mix sad-sounding music into harmony with the restless "After Yang" story.

Konogada also cleverly displays an intense conversation between a human and a humanoid. The language about the origin of tea and the existence of butterflies can be so deep and touching that it leads to the big question of “what does it feel like to feel like a human?”.

Carrying Anti-Racism Messages and Starring Multicultural Actors

When viewed from the lineup of the main players, "After Yang" gives a new color to the appearance of a family that has a very different physical appearance. Jake with his white skin, Kyra who is beautiful and charming with his black skin, and his two children who show the appearance of the Asian race.

This film at the same time gives an anti-racism message to black people and Asian descent, there are several scenes such as the embedding of a bulletin board with the message "Anti-Asian Racist" which is shown briefly but clearly shown on purpose.

In addition, this film also brings big names such as Jodie Turner-Smith, Justin H.Min and Indonesian actress Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja.

“After Yang” can be a recommendation for a science fiction film that relies on the relationship between family members that raises a narrative about adoption, anti-racism and the romance of human feelings as the strength of the film.

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