Persuasion Review: Most Theories of Love Without Action

Persuasion Review: Most Theories of Love Without Action

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“Persuasion” (2022) is the latest Netflix Original with the theme of period romance . Starring Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, and Henry Golding. Just like the iconic period drama, “Pride & Prejudice” (2005), this period one film is also an adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel, published in 1817. It is directed by a female director, Carrie Cracknell.

In “Persuasion” we will follow the narration presented by Dakota Johnson as Anne Elliot. Eight years ago, he almost married his idol, Frederick (Cosmo Jarvis). However, because her lover is poor and does not have any position, Anne is persuaded by her family to release Frederick. Time would heal a broken heart, but not for Anne. Until finally Frederick returned to his life, now a successful ship captain. Will Anne welcome her old love that has never withered?

Bridgerton's Combination of Responsibility with Pride & Prejudice

The presence of "Bridgerton" seems to have created a new standard for various entertainment projects with the theme of period romance dramas . As a Netflix Original, “Persuasion” promotes its film with trailers that bring excitement to the audience with a more friendly and enjoyable narrative. This film is very focused on the perspective of the main character, Anne Elliot. The narrative model presented is quite interesting, where Dakota Johnson talks to the audience about her feelings and the characters she meets. Similar to the period adventure film, “Enola Holmes” (2020).

However, “Persuasion” also maintains a plot and production design that is up to the standards of conventional period dramas such as “Pride & Prejudice”. With so many references that we can see from previous period films, “Persuasion” actually loses its own identity. This film tries to be a fun romance drama film, with a modern audience segmentation as well as purely classic period drama fans.

In the end there is no clear essence in Anne Elliot's story that captivates the audience. Screenwriters seem to be more busy with narrative presentations and unique styles to tell the story, but forget to develop the story to the fullest.

Most Theories and Narratives, Anne and Frederick Don't Show Convincing Love

Simply put, "Persuasion" wants to lift the love story between Anne and Frederick. However, their love is mostly theory and narrative only, no action. We will not be made to believe that these two love each other, as if we were only forced to believe in Anne's story. The narrative is too biased towards Anne, we might understand how much she loves Frederick, but not the other way around. Because throughout the film, the script looks forced to make Anne and the audience believe that Frederick is no longer in love with our protagonist.

So we wonder; where is the love plot? Not made to flower or feel a tragic heartbreak, we will only be upset. The interaction of the two main characters who are narrated as a couple is not clear where they want to go. Until the last round with a twist , we as spectators can only complain; why not just start like this? It's like seeing an annoying couple because they're both just assuming. Not only Anne and Frederick are annoying, many other characters also have disturbing characterizations. There are no loveable characters in this film.

Panorama of Period England and the Charming Dakota Johnson

As a period drama set in England, “Persuasion” offers a beautiful panorama. It can be a refreshing eye entertainment for those of us who are already bored with CGI exposure. "Persuasion" was shot in a variety of British period locations, from a residency in Bath to panoramic views of the beautiful beaches of Lyme. The exterior and interior arrangements of each building also look authentic, meeting the standards of period drama in general.

The make-up and elegant period costume designs in “Persuasion” are also quite pleasing to the eye. Moreover, the appearance of Dakota Johnson who is already famous for being charming and charming as a Hollywood actress. Johnson always appears in classic dresses that are elegant and not excessive, in accordance with her personality as a smart woman. When they speak to the audience, it's also captivating. As already mentioned, the film is too biased towards its protagonist.

Overall, “Persuasion” is a re-blooming love story that quickly withered due to too many theories. Love is not only a feeling and understanding of various principles, but also an action. Anne Elliot's love may be durable and strong, but it lacks action to make the audience believe in her story with Frederick.

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