The Sea Beast Review: An Exciting Adventure of a Sea Monster Hunter

The Sea Beast Review: An Exciting Adventure of a Sea Monster Hunter

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The Sea Beast Review: An Exciting Adventure of a Sea Monster Hunter.A bit like "How to Train Your Dragon", but still presents a new story that is no less exciting. 

“The Sea Beast” is the latest animated adventure film on Netflix from director Chris Williams. Previously he was also involved in the production of popular animated films such as “Bolt” (2008) and “Big Hero 6” (2014). Now we will be invited to a bigger adventure on the high seas with dangerous monsters.

Jacob Holland (Karl Urban, The Boys ) is a skilled sea monster hunter at The Inevitable, a notorious group of monster hunters under the leadership of Captain Crow (Jared Harris). Jacob's new adventure begins when a little girl infiltrates their ship. Making leads him to an unexpected discovery that will change his identity as a monster hunter forever.

At first glance, “The Sea Beast” will remind us of “How to Train Your Dragon”. Where in the prologue is given a narration about human civilization that feels threatened by the existence of sea monsters. Making humans hunt monsters for the safety of the coast of the island where they live. The rest, maybe many of us can guess the development of the story of humans versus monsters in the children's animation scene. However, Netflix Original Animation still presents a lot of new things in it.

Orphans, Famous Monster Hunters, and Legendary Monsters

Jacob Holland becomes the main character who is very captivating from the first act of the film. He is present as an expert hunter and is relied upon by the entire crew, even Captain Crow. As a children's film, more character recognition is needed through action than narration. Jacob's appearance in the first scene of the sea monster hunting mission had been the perfect introduction for him. Not only the crew of The Inevitable, we will also support Jacob like a hero of the ocean.

Maisie Brumble becomes Jacob 's sidekick character with her naivety for being a child. Become a sweetener in this action-packed adventure story and the hunters who only care about killing monsters in the name of the kingdom. Maisie's presence is also meaningful in the development of Jacob as the protagonist.

Then the Red Bluster became a kind of big enemy of The Inevitable. Captain Crow actually also became a character with a strong presentation in the first half. However, it decreased into the last round due to the development of questionable motivation. Even so, “The Sea Beast” is an animated film with visually prominent character designs and strong characterizations.

Impressive Sea Monsters with Dynamic Scene Direction

It is recommended to watch “The Sea Beast” on a television screen, because this film will actually be more memorable if watched on a big screen. The appearance of a super large sea monster in every scene is no joke. Animated films seem to maximize the image of sea monsters with unreasonable sizes. It could be a visual stimulation that arouses the enthusiasm of the audience, especially children.

Our enthusiasm will be immediately ignited through the first hunting scene of The Inevitable. Starting from the animation direction to the movement choreography of each hunter in one mission is arranged in detail. Chris Williams, who also acted as a scriptwriter, seemed to do maximum research about pirates or the like. How the captain of the ship gives directions, to the mainstay crews who are also the extension of the command for the execution of the mission.

We can see how the script is developed into a visually dynamic action scene. With various stages in conquering sea monsters that are not playing big. “The Sea Beast” has a big job to convince the audience that these hunters can really kill a big monster. They have done this task by putting more effort into designing magnificent and detailed action scenes.

A Exciting Sea Wanderer's Adventure Plot as a Family Spectacle

For fans of pirate films or epic ocean adventures , "The Sea Beast" is a longing remedy for the genre. Some of the film's backgrounds show a wide panoramic view of the open ocean, but it's far from boring. Because there will always be a monumental scene with the right portion. The ups and downs of emotions presented in each scene are also balanced.

Not only is the hunt for monsters thrilling, there are times when we laugh at funny scenes, so we are amazed to see the amazing sea panorama.

“The Sea Beast” also presents a story that is quite touching, although it will not touch us. This film can be enjoyed by both children and adults if you like animations such as “How to Train Your Dragon” and animations with extraordinary monsters or animals. With only minor flaws, “The Sea Beast” makes for a fun animated family adventure on Netflix.

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