Ivanna Review: Slowburn Horror Returns Old Local

Ivanna Review: Slowburn Horror Returns Old Local

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Ivanna Review: Slowburn Horror Returns Old Local. Not relying too much on jumpscare standards, 'Ivanna' managed to present the sensation of slowburn horror with an ancient local feel.

For connoisseurs of Indonesian horror cinema, 'Danur' is one of the most popular film universes today. This popularity has prompted the presence of various spin-offs related to important supernatural elements in the main films. After the success of 'Asih' and its sequels some time ago, 'Ivanna' appeared which became the third installment in the adaptation universe of Risa Saraswati's famous work.

'Ivanna' is the latest horror film produced by MD Pictures which is part of the 'Danur' cinema universe. This film is also the fourth title directed by Kimo Stamboel after 'Bunian', 'Dreadout', and 'Queen of the Dark Arts' several years ago.

Starring Caitlin Halderman, Jovarel Callum, and Sonia Alyssa, this film tells the story of Ambar and Dika, brothers and sisters who start living in a nursing home owned by relatives of their late parents. However, the celebration must be interrupted when a headless ghost attacks the residents of the orphanage.

Narratively, there is nothing really special about 'Ivanna'. Like 'Asih' and 'Asih 2', this film directed by Kimo Stamboel brings stories related to the terror of the figure who was first introduced in 'Danur 2: Maddah'. There are no story elements that feel important in it, except for a series of flashbacks as the lore builder of the ghost of Dutch descent.

The interesting thing in 'Ivanna' lies in the placement of flashbacks that feel seamless with the main plot , giving the sensation of a story like the 'Ju-On' film series from Japan. These elements can at least bring the audience more engaged when enjoying the horror presentation, even though the main story feels very bland and closes with a conclusion that seems to ignore the main motive of the Ivanna.

The main highlight of course comes from the horror element that is carried by Kimo Stamboel in 'Ivanna'. Instead of really relying on jumpscares that are increasingly boring and predictable , the real atmospheric horror technique wants to be highlighted along with build-ups that give the impression that real terror is present around the characters. The emergence of these elements brings the audience in a tense atmosphere throughout the film, without seeming to be forced to be frightened by the appearance of fishing rods in front of their eyes.

From a technical point of view, it is also quite capable of covering all the shortcomings in the narrative and building horror moments in 'Ivanna'. The camera game that tends to be steady , the color tone that looks cool , and the scoring that feels right managed to make the audience feel all the horror. Even so, the presence of CGI at some points still feels less smooth and is enough to reduce the overall experience in enjoying this local horror film full of potential.

'Ivanna' is actually an Indonesian horror film that has the potential to break the standard of jumpscare with ancient local nuances. Although it looks superior through its slowburn horror and technicality, Kimo Stamboel's third film still feels less than the narrative that seems to be present as a mere complement.

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