Little Miss Sunshine (2006 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

Little Miss Sunshine (2006 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

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Little Miss Sunshine: Learn to be confident and tough in the face of failure. A family roadtrip drama that is entertaining and contains life lessons.

“Little Miss Sunshine” (2006) is a family drama film directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton. Wrapped in the comedy genre and the concept of a dysfunctional family , this script written by Michael Arndt contains many life lessons even with all the gaps from each character.

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Olive (Abigail Breslin) is the youngest daughter of the Hoover family. She begged her parents to enter the children's beauty pageant, Little Miss Sunshine in California. In the end, Olive was not only in between by her father and mother, her stepbrother, uncle and grandfather joined the extended family journey to provide support.

Not as sweet as it sounds, each member is actually having their own problems, the future of which affects their trip to California which is full of surprises.

Every Character Has Its Own Problems and Anxieties

The Hoover family became a big family in "Little Miss Sunshine". Each character has an original background with its angst. Starting from Sheryl Hoover (Toni Collette), an overworking housewife. She remarries Richard Hoover (Greg Kinnear), who builds a career as a motivator. Dwayne (Paul Dano) is Sheryl's son from a previous marriage. He enjoyed reading Friedrich Nietzsche's books and vowed not to speak before being accepted as a pilot in the Air Force.

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The Hoover family also accommodates Frank (Steve Carell), an uncle who can't live alone because he had attempted suicide, and Edwin Hoover (Alan Arkin), the grandfather who was kicked out of the orphanage for taking drugs.

“Little Miss Sunshine” has a plot body with clear objectives; take Olive to California to enter a children's beauty pageant. However, the one-line plot was developed into a dynamic journey with branching scenarios as the Hoover family story progressed. Each character is equipped with characterizations and dreams which are then developed in the plot of this roadtrip. Where sometimes, we also find new understanding in certain journeys. With various unexpected events that may be trivial but can change a big part of us.

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With the comedy genre, the script also doesn't feel boring because there will be eccentric scenes that are applied with the right composition. We will be made to laugh, heartbroken, and learn to be generous at the end of the Hoover family journey.

Gathering of Popular Actors with the Best Performances

As a 2000s film, “Little Miss Sunshine” is a film that is quite nostalgic. This film became the breakthrough acting performance of Abigail Breslin who was then 6 years old. Paul Dano's appearance as Dwayne has also become an iconic one throughout his career, although it is quite underrated . The personal stories of the characters have interesting characterizations and backgrounds in this family drama.

Maybe many of us are familiar with Steve Carell as a bossy and selfish figure in the sitcom "The Office". In this film, we will see Carell play a more serious and depressive character. Then there is Toni Collette, who has now become famous since the popularity of the horror film "Hereditary" (2018).

“Little Miss Sunshine” became one of the films that became part of the early careers of many actors at a time that was not as popular as it is now. Like films like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (2004) or “Short Term 12” (2013). The best drama films where many actors who are now famous gather and compete for acting.

Life Lessons Hidden in a Dysfunctional Family Comedy Drama

“Little Miss Sunshine” is more than just a dysfunctional family drama that features misfortune after misfortune. Filling the story with characters with stories of failure and helplessness to deal with problems.

There are simple but important life lessons when we are able to grasp them. In contrast to family films with inspirational dialogue that can be quoted. We will learn lessons when we understand the 'journey' of each character personally.

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Still in the setting of the children's beauty contest, there is a message about self-love and self-confidence that is implied in every scene. There is also an understanding of the definition of victory and defeat. That these two things do not need to be interpreted as two contrasting things. That success is always a good thing, while failure is bad luck. What is important is how we become a confident person even though we have to face both possibilities in life. “Little Miss Sunshine” can be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar.

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