Sing Street (2016 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

Sing Street (2016 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

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Sing Street (2016 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW : Sing Street: Coming of Age Drama Accompanied by New Wave Music. Best forgotten musical film by the 2017 Academy Awards.

“Sing Street” (2016) is a musical (non-musical) drama film by director John Carney. He also directed films with other musical themes, “Once” (2007) and “Begin Again” (2013).

For those of us who like films with fictional bands like “School of Rock” (2003), we are guaranteed to really enjoy this one film. Quite popular among indie film fans when it was released, many were surprised when the Academy Awards did not glance at “Sing Street” to be included in the row of nominations for this prestigious film award.

Sing Street (2016 Movie Full) | Watch Online Movies | REVIEW

Set in 80s Ireland, Conor (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) has the initiative to form a band to impress the woman he has a crush on (Lucy Boynton). Despite starting with a motivation that has absolutely nothing to do with music, Conor not only falls in love with his girl, he is also serious about music and dreams of becoming a musician in a bigger country. This film combines coming of age drama with new wave music material that experienced a revival in the 80s era.

Conor's Transformation Shapes His Identity

“Sing Street” has a complete aspect as a fun and memorable coming-of-age drama presentation. Starting from the story of first love, friendship, family problems, and school life. Then the process of discovery and exploration of hobbies that often affect our answers will be 'what do we want to be when we grow up?'.

Music is often the most important element that influences the development of adolescent identity in every generation. As a Dublin teenager in the '80s, Conor and his friends were exposed to rock and new wave music such as Duran Duran, Hall & Oates, The Cure, and many more. More than just applying the story of a teenager who loves music, music is the perfect medium to photograph Conor's development as the protagonist.

Starting as a slightly clumsy teenage boy and huddled in the strict rules of a Catholic school, Conor gradually shows the development of a stronger character. This is because he is increasingly determined to find himself in every song he writes and plays.

We will also see the development of Conor's style of dress who is still looking for identity. Like teenagers in general until now. Become an eye candy visual presentation in every scene in this film. As a musical film about teenagers forming a band, Conor's journey with his friends to form a band and create music together is executed in a neat chronology. Seeing Conor's transformation as a Dublin teenager with a taste for cool music will be a memorable movie experience.

Sing Street as John Carney's Best Fiction Band

“Sing Street” is the title taken from the name of the band Conor and his bandmates. This film is more or less suitable to be interpreted as a biopic if the band is real. After listening to the music created by Sing Street, I'm sure you'll wish that the band really existed and had more original songs. Each actor in “Sing Street” is itself a line of talented young actors. They can indeed sing and play musical instruments.

Just like in “Begin Again”, John Carney blends the visuals of the scene with the audio recorded in a separate studio for a clear audio end result. However, the actor himself is also the one who recorded the audio to make it sync and look authentic. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as the first actor to sing and play guitar for all songs performed by Sing Street. Where he played as the vocalist of the band he formed.

It's amazing how John Carney was able to form a band like Sing Street with the concept of 80's new wave rock , in one film project. We can see the development of the concept of this fictional band as a component that was previously separated from the script. Like creating characters but more complex. Starting from the name of the band, music genre, signature , the role of each band member, to the background of the band.

Authentic 80s Irish Feel

As a film released in the 2010s era, “Sing Street” is able to provide a presentation of the 80s era in Ireland that is authentic in all aspects. Both from the setting of the shoot, the taste of the music that is played, to the make up and costume design. Lucy Boynton as Raphina in this film is perfect as a representation of the girl of her era. Be the perfect sweetener as Conor's love interest. The appearance of the two presents the chemistry of a simple but special first love.

It's always interesting to see how teenagers in the past had fun and did things that made them feel cool. We'll see the Sing Street gang walking around town, shooting amateur video clips with '80s Dublin panoramas. Until the Catholic school setting which has always been the hallmark of drama set in Western Europe (Ireland, England, Scotland, and others) in that era.

“Sing Street” is the best music drama and coming of age film that is a shame to miss. “Sing Street” can be streamed on Netflix while it lasts.

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