Modigliani: Johnny Depp's Movies In 25 Years

Modigliani: Johnny Depp's Movies In 25 Years

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Modigliani: Johnny Depp's Movies In 25 Years : Who would have thought that Johnny Depp had actually prepared his first film directing show in 25 years. The film, titled Modigliani, tells the story of a painter and sculptor in Paris in 1916.

Previously, Depp had made his film directorial debut for The Brave in 1997.

Johnny Depp was not only carved a name in front of the screen, but also behind the scenes. He last directed a film in 1997 for The Brave , a film he also starred in with Marlon Brando.

25 years on, now Depp wants to return to the director's chair through a feature adaptation of a drama by Dennis McIntyre entitled Modigliani .

"The story of Mr. モディリアーニの人生は私が本当に感謝しているものであり、スクリーンに登場できることを本当に恐縮しています」とジョニー・デップは語った. “It was a very difficult life, but in the end a victory. すべての視聴者が共感できる普遍的なヒューマン ストーリーです。」


Modigliani 's film marks the next collaboration between Al Pacino and Navidi, who have previously worked together on various features. Those include The Merchant of Venice (2004), Wilde Salome (2011), and Salome (2013). The two co-produced IN.2 and Johnny Depp.

“This project is very close to Al's heart. Al introduced me to Modigliani 's drama many years ago, and I fell in love with him immediately," said Navidi. "This is a slice of Modi's life and not a biography. ジョニーと再び仕事をするのが私の夢でした. 彼は、この素晴らしい物語をスクリーンに映し出す並外れたビジョンを持った真のアーティストです。」

アル・パチーノは声明の中で、「私たちはこのプロジェクトに数年間デップと関わってきました。 We start primary photography in Spring 2023.”

Modigliani 's story , adapted to the screen by Jerzy and Mary Kromolowski, follows the story of the painter and sculptor in Paris in 1916. Long regarded as a critical and commercial failure, Modigliani navigated the turbulent 48 hours that became the turning point of his life. It ultimately cemented his reputation as an art legend.

Looking at all the preparations that look promising, the film's production will start taking place in Europe in 2023. While the announcement for the casting will be revealed in the near future.

Although best known for his big screen roles, Johnny Depp has produced ten films so far. It will be interesting to see how Modigliani 's features will appear on the screen. 次の更新を待つしかありません。

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