Director Kevin Greutert Returns To "Saw" 2023

Director Kevin Greutert Returns To "Saw" 2023

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Director Kevin Greutert Returns To "Saw" 2023 : As one of the leading horror thriller franchises, Saw has its own charm in the eyes of fans. The latest Saw film will be worked on by Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to air on October 27, 2023. The new Saw will bring back director Kevin Greutert who previously worked on Saw VI.

The plot of the new film is still a secret, but the studio promises to deliver suspense and horror. There will be many new traps, clever traps and new mysteries to solve.

マーク・バーグとオーレンは「私たちはファンの要望に耳を傾け、ソウ・ファンとホラー・ファンが同じように気に入る映画を計画するために懸命に取り組んできました」と語った。 Koules, producers of the franchise.

「そしてその一部は、シリーズ全体で今でもファンのお気に入りの 1 人である Saw VI のディレクターである Kevin Greutert に手綱を渡すことでした。. More details will be revealed soon," he added.

Kevin Greutert

The new film, which will premiere on October 27 next year, will be the tenth installment in the hugely successful franchise. Kevin Greutert will helm the upcoming project, previously directing Saw VI (2009) and Saw: The Final Chapter (2010).

He also edited Saw's first five films , as well as 2017's Jigsaw . Kevin Greutert is a fan favorite of the franchise with many championing him across two entries.

In addition to Saw, Kevin Greutert  also directed the 2014 films Jessabelle with Sarah Snook and Visions in 2015 with Isla Fisher.

Saw Franchise

Starting in 2004 with the first Saw film , the franchise has garnered satisfactory box office reception. The second film to feature Donnie Wahlberg was the highest-grossing film ever, grossing over $147 million worldwide.

It's not yet known whether the upcoming tenth Saw film will have anything to do with the new spin-off film , Spiral .

Launching in 2021, Spiral: From the Book of Saw made just $40.6 million and failed to win over fans. Many judged that the unsatisfactory response came as a result of the studio trying to change the franchise's outdated formula.

Although there is still little information, at least it is clear that the tenth Saw will land on October 27 next year. We just have to wait, when the update will arrive.

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