Zhao Lu Si's Profile: Yang Yang's New Opponent In Who Rules The World

Zhao Lu Si's Profile: Yang Yang's New Opponent In Who Rules The World

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Zhao Lu Si's Profile: Yang Yang's New Opponent In Who Rules The World : Yang Yang's newest drama will be coming soon with the title Who Rules the World . In this Wu Xia drama, he will work withyoung actress Zhao Lu Si. On April 9, the official Weibo of Who Rules the World announced that the drama will start airing Monday, April 18, 2022. 

Even though he has only been active in the Chinese film industry for about 5 years, the actress's popularity and drama are already many. His name is already familiar to the ears of drama audiences and his co-stars are no less famous. Starting from Dilraba Dilmurat, Wu Lei, Xiao Zhan, Ding Yu Xi, and others. Who exactly is Zhao Lu Si?


Zhao Lu Si has an English name Rosy, but is better known by her Chinese name. Born in Cheng Du, Sichuan on November 9, 1998, he is currently only 23 years old. He studied in Taiwan, more precisely at Ming Dao University majoring in fashion. According to Baidu, Zhao Lu Si's height is 161 cm and weighs 78-83 jing (39-41.5 kg). 

Zhao Lu Si's career in the entertainment world began with the 2016 Super Girl singing competition . According to Zhihu, because Rosy likes to play the online game Maplestory , she also chose a song from this game to enter the competition. After that, he also appeared on the Youku Mars Intelligence Agency season 2 and 3. 

His career in acting itself began in 2017 through the drama Untouchable Lovers . After that, he continued to actively act, approximately 2-3 plays a year. Some of his dramas have succeeded in achieving success and taking him to a higher career ladder. 

Zhao Lu Si's famous and must-watch drama titles include Oh My Emperor! seasons 1 and 2 (2018), The Romance of Tiger and Rose (2020), Dating in the Kitchen (2020), The Long Ballad (2021), and Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling (2021). This year alone, Zhao Lu Si still has 2 dramas besides Who Rules the World , including Hu Tong and Love Like the Galaxy . 

Zhao Lu Si also has a unique side that is rarely known. For example, he likes spicy food, this is closely related to his hometown which is popular with spicy dishes. While in Taiwan, he also likes to cook food from SiChuan and share it with friends. He even opened a Wonton restaurant on the culinary street around his school. 

At home, he keeps 3 dogs and 1 cat. The dog's names include Ba Wan, Mi Dou, and Lai Fu, while the cat's name is Rou Rou. One of the rumors that stuck with him the most was the rumor of his family background. Because of his fast-paced career and the good opportunities he often gets, many people suspect that Zhao Lu Si's family background is actually rich and powerful. 


  • 年間ネットワーク潜在俳優賞、第 3 回 Jinguduo オンライン映画とテレビ フェスティバル (2019)。
  •  グッド アクター 優秀男優賞(オンライン ドラマ グループ 女優)、中国テレビ(2020)
  • 最優秀女優賞、第7回横店映画テレビ賞(2020年、虎と薔薇のロマンス)
  • Tencent Video Star Awards “Breakthrough TV Actor of the Year” award (2020, The Romance of Tiger and Rose).
  • スクリーン フュージョン ブロードキャストおよびスクリーン フュージョン バイタリティ アクターの第 2 セッション (2020)
  • アジアスター賞、ソウル国際ドラマアワード(2021年、ロングバラード)。
  • シャイニング アーティスト オブ ザ イヤー、Douyin Star Motion Night (2021)

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