Nope Review: Jordan Peele's Experiment with Alien Elements

Nope Review: Jordan Peele's Experiment with Alien Elements

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Nope Review: Jordan Peele's Experiment with Alien Elements : The mystery thriller has an alien element with a lighter feel. Jordan Peele is a familiar name in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Although he started his career as a host and comedian with Keegan-Michael Key, in recent years he has become known for his several suspense horror films such as 'Get Out', 'Us', and his latest film, 'Nope'.

'Nope' is a suspense science fiction film directed by Jordan Peele. Bringing Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun as the main characters. This film features OJ and Em trying to keep the horse ranch business on the Jupiter's Claim ride belonging to Jupe, a former child actor. Soon, OJ and Em start to feel threatened when a mysterious figure takes their horses.

Nope Review: Jordan Peele's Experiment with Alien Elements

Narratively, 'Nope' appears with a linear storytelling pattern like 'Get Out' and 'Us' several years ago. However, what distinguishes this science fiction-themed film from the previous two films is the presence of segmentation along with the film. The presence of separate segments makes it easier for the audience to understand the main plot , although on several occasions Jordan Peele still presents flashbacks as a place for the elaboration of his stories.

Like his two previous films, Jordan Peele still brings his trademark into 'Nope'. Some of the most obvious are black main characters and social commentaries as driving elements in the storytelling. However, these two elements seem lighter and more feasible when compared to 'Get Out', which alludes to white people with their ambition to dominate black people , and 'Us' with their sentiments about minorities who want to explore the world of the majority.

Throughout 'Nope', the audience will be brought into the curiosity of the characters in understanding the rare phenomena around them. Curiosity is the motive of the character in dealing with foreign things, one of which is as a medium of exploitation which is also flicked in it. However, the feeling of terror as a result of the curiosity of this character decreases, especially when important things about this unidentified aerial phenomenon are revealed. You could say, this film is Jordan Peele's experiment in presenting extraterrestrial terror to give color to his filmography.

'Nope' itself does not display many characters like 'Get Out' and 'Us'. Even so, this is what makes it easier for the audience to absorb the various characters present in it, such as brothers from the Haywood family and Jupe who were actually shown all-out by Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun. Not only that, the presence of characters such as Antlers Holst and Angel played by Michael Wincott and Brandon Perea also succeeded in confirming social comments regarding the spectacle from Jordan Peele, making the film more enjoyable .

The interesting thing that is present in 'Nope' is the technical aspect. The main highlight, of course, comes from the cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema, which manages to present a variety of captivating shots along with the film. In addition, the scoring is also able to increase the tense of Jordan Peele's film several times, especially when the terror is at its peak.

Finally, 'Nope' is a science fiction thriller that becomes a platform for Jordan Peele to experiment with the extraterrestrial terror formula . Even so, this film is still enjoyable for the audience who crave tension with the insertion of social comments and charming technical aspects.

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