Not Okay Review: Satirical Drama Responds to the Age of the Internet and Influencers

Not Okay Review: Satirical Drama Responds to the Age of the Internet and Influencers

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Not Okay Review: Satirical Drama Responds to the Age of the Internet and Influencers : Wise lessons in understanding the increasingly brutal internet era. Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch) is a photo editor for the modern American online magazine. Feeling lonely, depressed, and wanting attention in cyberspace (as well as the real world), Danni decides to do a 'little trick' to make her Instagram more interesting.

With his photo editing skills, he pretends to be on a writer's retreat in Paris, France. Danni never expected that the 'little' lie that she made up would eventually become a big snowball that was ready to hit her life.

“Not Okay” is the newest comedy-drama film on Hulu which is now also available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. Today, the media is increasingly less appreciating or giving opportunities to light drama films like this. In fact, from scripts that look cheesy and close to life, we often get new lessons and perspectives.

In the era of the internet, social media, and trending influencers , “Not Okay” can be a script with a relevant theme. Even with the label 'satire', it's horrifying that every bit of Danni Sanders' story is the worst reality in the virtual world.

Comedy Satir Touches the Era of Cyberspace, Social Media & Trend Influencers

“Not Okay” has a snowball-like plot that keeps rolling, centered on Danni Sanders. But more than just a deceptive plot filled with chaos and misadventure, “Not Okay” has the right setting, sequence, and message. Every element in this film is interconnected, becoming a satirical drama package alluding to the complete era of cyberspace. Starting from Danni's work background, the ridiculous ' influencer ' trend, as well as influencers who really have a serious message to convey.

For viewers who are anti-social media and don't relate to influencer  culture , it's easy to underestimate the topics raised in this film. “Not Okay” is a film with messages and opinions that can be categorized in the 'grey' area of ​​the internet. Image fraud, tragic story fraud, where the punishment is social judgment. We all at least relate as third parties who have only been netizens, passive or active, when there are trending internet dramas .

The right decision in the script to put the consequences that will be accepted by Danni as the prologue of the film. At this point, it is no longer a surprise to witness disastrous consequences when someone commits fraud. Although the fraud committed by Danni in this story is actually morally and ethically flawed, it is not a fraud with a victim that is a criminal crime. What is needed to understand the message to be conveyed in "Not Okay" is neutrality and an open-minded attitude towards the audience.

Zoey Deutch & Mia Isaac's Best Performance

“Not Okay” opens with a warning that their film has a female protagonist with annoying characterizations. It's a shame the scriptwriter didn't believe in the protagonist he wrote. There's a difference between 'annoying characters' because of bad writing, and 'anti-hero characters' who have bad arches , but are part of a good script. Danni Sanders himself meets the criteria for the second point. He's just a protagonist with all the worst qualities, but in a quality script, we'll see character development that teaches a lot.

There may be viewers who end up disliking Danni from the start just because of the warning. In fact, if we try to be an objective and neutral audience, we will understand the reason why Danni behaves that way. Zoey Deutch is the perfect cast in playing Danni Sanders.

In addition to the main star, Mia Isaac is a young actress who gives a convincing performance. He plays Rowan Aldren, a young influencer who survives a school shooting incident. Her ambition is to voice her trauma and campaign against violence with firearms. Every time she gave a speech, Mia appeared convincing with an authentic expression and anger.

A New Perspective on Internet Dramas That Are Increasingly Brutal and Toxic

When internet dramas involve trending influencers and public figures, netizens' vigilante reactions have become an increasingly brutal phenomenon these days. Not only the latest drama, the same scenario also often occurs when a public figure's past mistakes are made viral again.

Like people who are never wrong and feel the most right, many netizens judge certain parties excessively behind hidden identities in cyberspace, especially social media. As if the unlucky or scandalous party no longer deserves a second chance and repents to continue living a better life. Learn from his mistakes.

Nowadays, this phenomenon is more familiar with the term ' cancelled culture '. “Not Okay” shows us how vigilantism in cyberspace can be brutal and toxic. Ranging from throwing insults that are irrelevant to the scandal to the spread of personal information that goes too far.

The emergence of bad reviews and hate on "Not Okay" can be proof that the media is not on the side of the truth of this phenomenon. In some perspectives, this scenario is not a satire or a hyperbole of public behavior. This is the brutal look of today's internet and influencer era.

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